Our Mission

Gridspan Energy is pioneering a novel system for electricity delivery, mobile energy storage transmission (MEST), with the goal of advancing electricity access and security for island communities. 

Addressing Issues of Electricity Access

Grid-weak regions and island communities frequently have worse access to affordable, resilient, and clean energy solutions than their mainland counterparts - we want to change that. Access to electricity is crucial for life in the modern world. Whether it’s powering refrigeration systems for medicine, industrial machines for business, or simply keeping the lights on for a family dinner, Gridspan Energy wants to enable access to affordable and secure electricity for all island communities.

Building for the Energy Future of Tomorrow

The frequency and severity of natural disasters is increasing. Resilient and flexible electricity supply is more critical than ever, especially for island communities. Gridspan Energy aims to both improve long-term energy access and provide rapidly-deployable, flexible, affordable, and resilient electricity delivery systems for short-term crises.

Breaking the Mold

Current market solutions are either expensive, unreliable, inflexible, polluting, or require lengthy implementation times. Our novel electricity delivery system provides a fresh alternative to presently available electricity provision solutions.

How: Mobile Energy Storage Transmission (MEST)

The economic, technological, and societal impacts of MEST span NEAR and FAR.