our Technology: Mobile energy storage transmission (MEST)

Gridspan Energy is pioneering development of a new system for electricity delivery, mobile energy storage transmission (MEST), with the goal of advancing energy access and security for island communities.

Mobile energy storage transmission (MEST) is an innovative solution which complements the shortcomings of conventional electricity transmission; specifically, the techno-economic inefficiencies of subsea cabled transmission. This novel electricity delivery model uses mobile energy storage units (MESUs) to transport electricity from one market to another by means of conventional freight vessels and infrastructure. In essence, MEST is a flexible alternative to conventional transmission that utilizes freight logistics, energy storage technology, and regional electricity price differentials in order to connect markets separated by large bodies of water or other substantial geographic features.

The economic, technological, and societal impacts of MEST span NEAR & FAR

NEAR: Next-generation Electricity Acquisition Regimen

Gridspan Energy has developed a cutting-edge model for system-wide MEST processes. Our algorithms account for all of the underlying complexities and sub-process interdependencies that comprise a robust MEST system. We offer custom MEST solutions, specifically catered to each client’s specific circumstances – providing you with the a next-generation electricity acquisition regimen to enable your desired energy future.

FAR: Flexible, Affordable, Resilient

Our mobile energy storage transmission (MEST) system architecture boasts a unique combination of flexibility, affordability, and resilience that’s not found in alternative island electricity delivery systems.

Flexible – Addressing the needs of today, remaining poised for the challenges of tomorrow.

Affordable – Reducing the cost of island electricity without sacrificing quality of service.

Resilient – Enabling rapid recovery of community power systems after disasters and providing critical facilities with uninterruptible power supplies throughout them.